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4 Microsoft Teams Features Added to Dynamics 365

Microsoft continues to improve the interoperability between it’s Dynamics 365 platform and Microsoft Teams. Just this month, three new features falling under the “Context IQ” classification, were released for preview. We were excited when we heard about them, so we think you will be too.

1. Customer Support Swarming in D365 Service

Smart rules help identify the skills and experts needed to resolve an agent’s issue. Using the power of Teams, customer service agents and subject matter experts can swarm cases within connected applications, thereby saving time by bringing the right resources in quickly to service the customer

2. Teams Chat embedded within D365 Sales & D365 Service

This feature allow you to link chats within Teams to Dynamics 365 records, such as sales opportunities and service cases, for convenient access for all participants. When a chat is entered, AI suggests Teams Collaborators in addition to providing a conversation summary for the case/chat.

3. Share and Update Dynamics Records within Teams

As Teams has become a common place for D365 users to discuss customer records and accounts, the connectivity between both applications has become more important. This feature eliminates the need to switch between applications to view the conversation and/or edit the record.

4. Unified Teams Experience for D365 Sales and D365 Service Users

Users will be able to create and join Teams meetings from Dynamics 365 and also be able to view and edit records within the context of the Teams meetings interface. Having the record(s) located within the Teams meeting reduces the need to switch between apps and improves engagement and likelihood that CRM gets updated in a timely manner.

Need Help Accessing the new Microsoft Teams D365 Features?

If you’re an existing D365 user or TrellisPoint client and have questions about the any of the information we shared in this blog, be sure to contact our team to help you enable these new features and optimize your Dynamics 365 experience with Microsoft Teams.