Takeaways from the Business Applications Summit

Microsoft Business Applications Summit is a digital event experience that helps Microsoft users and partners turn data into action through knowledge-sharing sessions, community connections, and expert insights into the latest innovations from Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Why Attend the Summit?

Microsoft Business Applications Summit is a free session for professionals whose skills span industries and expertise, from business decision makers, to technical architects, to solution implementers. Whether you’re a power user, new D365 user, partner, or customer, you’ll have opportunities to connect with a community of peers and experts and gain valuable insights, including:

  • Expanding your knowledge base and your skills.
  • Gaining deeper insights on turning your expertise into greater outcomes for your business.
  • Connecting with experts to learn tips, tricks, and best practices for the tools you use every day.
  • Understanding how to drive real digital transformation at a pace that works for you, with a focus on the unique challenges facing all of us today.

What You Need To Know!

Dan Menninger, TrellisPoint Consultant, prepared a simple overview to give our Dynamics 365 network, the important highlights.

Updates about Power BI Premium

One of the headlines was the introduction of Goals to the new Premium tier of Power BI which was announced earlier this year. Power BI Premium greatly increases the performance and scalability of Power BI, and it allows regular users to perform high-power capabilities that used to be available only to professional data engineers, such as AI-driven analysis, automated insights, no-code integrations with dataflows and pixel-perfect paginated reports. Also, it brings the ability to share Power BI analytics with anyone, even if they don’t have a Power BI license.

With the new Goals feature, users can now create their own business metrics in real-time while looking at a Power BI chart, and then measure progress against those goals, sharing updates with teammates, and monitoring all the goals in a single unified page called a Scorecard.  Power BI can also now be fully embedded in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Excel.

New with Power Apps

Another important headline from Microsoft Business Applications Summit was the ongoing enhancements to Power Apps, including a new Modern App Designer where you can create both model-driven and canvas apps in the same application. One of the more exciting improvements is that you now have a what-you-see-is-what-you-get view of the App so you can see the changes being made, which makes it easier and faster to build apps. Microsoft has also released several new Power Apps Templates including integration with Teams that you might want to check out here.

Improved D365 Sales AI Capabilities

One last headline we wanted to share is the incredible ongoing improvement to AI capabilities within Dynamics 365 Sales. For about a year now, Conversation Intelligence has allowed phone calls to be transcribed in real-time while the AI provides the user with insights and ideas during the call. Now Conversation Intelligence has been expanded to also provide insights on top of video calls, not just audio, even when multiple participants are in the conversation. It shows you how Microsoft’s multi-billion dollars investment a year continues to pack more value into the platform, and why we at TrellisPoint, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, continue to be so dedicated to the Microsoft Dynamics product family.

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