We all know that CRM systems are a wonderful asset to your company’s operations. They help you stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. Many businesses struggle with ongoing support and maintenance for Dynamics 365, but fail to consider outsourcing CRM administration services as a costeffective option. 

CRM systems, like Dynamics 365Salesforce, and Zohoare not any more difficult to maintain than other core business applications. So why does it seem that way? Our team did some brainstorming based on our experiences servicing our customer base about why support and maintenance for your CRM system might seem more challenging.

Here’s what we came up with. 

  1.  Traditional IT staff members need to be trained on the CRM platform; the learning curve is sometimes long based on availability. 
  2. CRM subject matter experts (SMEs) often spend time answering questions and helping end-users in a non-technical way, including on boarding and training, leaving little time for performing technical maintenance and updates. 
  3. Maintenance of core business applications becomes under prioritized as resources are pulled into other business initiatives 
  4. As your business grows and changes, CRM systems must keep up. That requires a resource plan that many small-medium sized businesses lack budget for. 
  5. Many Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners do not offer CRM Administration services to assist with the support and maintenance of systems they installed. 

As you can see, it all comes down to time and money – and the right partnerWhile it may seem like an expense that you hadn’t budgeted for, a CRM administration contract ioften the most cost-effective option when it comes to maintaining your solutionBy outsourcing CRM support and maintenanceyou’ll also be able to leverage speedthe expertise of an entire team skilled in managing Microsoft products, and lessen overhead when it comes time to make changes. 


“It’s better to need it and not have than to not have it and need it. – Woodrow Call” 


CRM Administration for Dynamics 365   

Many times, stakeholders don’t call us when they need help because they can’t authorize budget for extra support and maintenance when they realize the need. We try to avoid this at all costs with our CRM administration packages which include support and maintenance tasks.

CRM Administration packages for Dynamics 365 are designed to ensure your system is running smoothly – 24/7/365. At TrellisPointwe’re invested in your success and offer a variety of options tailored to the needs of your business

Services Covered via CRM Administration 

We often get asked what’s covered? The answer: Normal day-to-day things you need help with.  

For example, you might need assistance configuring a new view or report. Or a third-party integration may have been updated and now something seems “off”. You also might have a custom feature that needs to be reviewed for backward compatibility prior to the next Microsoft release, to name a few. 

The table below will help you assess the types of activities you do on a daily basis to maintain your Dynamics 365 installation and how a CRM Admin package with TrellisPoint can benefit your operations. 


Support & Maintenance Task Inclusions
Configuration Ad-hoc requests for new fields, workflows, views and dashboards. 
Diagnostics Assisting with resolution of issues related to integrations with Dynamics 365, related systems, applications, extensions, and customization. 
Training Training and documentation for Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service and processes surrounding the application. 
Troubleshooting Analysis of system issues and resolution of those issues, if classified as a “bug”. 

Time Savings

Think about how many issues might be occurring right now and not getting resolved because there is no budget or assigned staff to complete the work. When new requests or issues pop-up, you will no longer have to wait to have them scheduled with your IT team or try to find someone with the right skill set to help. You can simply contact us, and we will assign a resource to start reviewing the issue within 2-3 hours (during normal business hours). Think of all the time and headache that saves! 


One of the main benefits of our CRM Admin packages is the cost savingsAnnual contracts for support and maintenance offer healthy discounts on standard IT rates, making them more budget-friendly and less risky for youIn addition, you get the value of a full team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts, not simply a single person on your staff. Microsoft certified team members skilled in configuration, integration, reporting, and, of course, development are assigned based on your request type. Even if you have a CRM subject matter expert on staff, they might be great at building reports and views, but not the technical details required for maintenance and security.

TrellisPoint CRM Administration is for everyone! 

We mentioned that CRM Administration packages for Dynamics 365 CRM are inclusive to all businesses – small or large. We have packages that range from 10 hours per month through 60+ hours per month. And since we shared that many partners don’t offer ongoing support and maintenance packages, we’re happy to work with you even if we didn’t complete your initial implementation after an initial consultation.

Its easy to get started –  

If you think you may benefit from TrellisPoint’s CRM Administration packages, schedule a brief consultation with our team of business consultants to see how we can assist you with your CRM needs.