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We’ve Been Busy Improving Our Website!

We took the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 to do some clean-up to our website to better serve our audience. Today, we are excited to relaunch TrellisPoint.com.

We had three main objectives for the redesign:

  1. Announce our new vision
  2. Illustrate why Customers are choosing TrellisPoint
  3. Educate the market about the advantages of Microsoft D365 CRM

We hope you take a few minutes to stop by and browse our new site, especially if you find yourself in need of updated CRM technology.

CRM the Strategic Way

Since 2009 our tagline has been “The CRM Experts” and while we do consider ourselves one of the best consulting firms in the industry, we were finding that it didn’t embody everything that we do. From Day 1, we’re your partners. We care about delivering a solution that works so we take a lot of time to understand your needs at the beginning – before any contract is signed. We also stick around post-implementation to support¬† your needs.

The foundation of our process relies on that strong partnership. Our role as CRM consultants has evolved into strategic technology partner. CRM systems are the hub of your internal and external operations and cannot operate in a silo, nor be successful without a partner that understands your technology landscape.

We’re that partner.

Why Choose TrellisPoint

We’re not your traditional Microsoft Partner – we don’t sell every single Microsoft Solution. Our strength is in our specialization and focus on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Business Applications. Implementing CRM solutions for sales and service-based companies requires a thorough understanding of CRM capabilities and the skill to match those with your business goals.

Over the past 12 months our business has grown significantly which is a testament to our knowledge of the D365 CRM platform. We’ve formalized our process, making it easier for companies to get started tackling their CRM challenges and launched new services targeted specifically to businesses looking for a more strategic approach to CRM.

You Need Microsoft Dynamics 365

Yes, we exclusively develop Microsoft Dynamics 365-based solutions – but that’s only because we’re committed to delivering you the best technology in the industry. Our team has experience working with and deploying all CRM platforms – from Salesforce to¬† Saleslogix to HubSpot CRM. When we started out, we sold both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, but realized that Microsoft was simply a better fit for many companies. Not only are the integrations seamless between Microsoft 365 Suite and common applications such as Outlook, One Drive, and Power BI, the vast out-of-the-box capabilities for sales, marketing, and customer service, create turn-key deployments. If you’re interested in learning more about why we chose Microsoft Dynamics 365, just ask!

What’s Next

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