So, you have adopted the integration between Dynamics 365 (CRM) and Outlook. Using Appointments in CRM is a great way to create meetings that sync effortlessly to your Outlook. However there is a catch in CRM that if you enter meeting notes on the Appointment record. If data is entered in the Notes field, your Appointment attendees are sent an update of the Appointment with the notes you just entered. You may have entered some personal notes that you just don’t want your client or prospect to read. Here is an easy solution. You must have the System Administrator security role to do this:


  1. Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System
  2. Expand the Appointment entity, select Forms and open the Appointment form

  1. Within the Appointment form, double click the Required field

  1. In the Field Properties form, uncheck the field ‘Lock the field on the form’ and click OK

  1. Select the Required field and click Remove

  1. Select the Optional field and click Remove

  1. Click Save and Publish

  1. Appointments can now be created, updated and completed without your notes being sent to the Attendees of the Appointment. No more embarrassing moments!

PROCEDURAL NOTE:  If you want the ability to log the Appointment to more than one Dynamics 365 entity (Account, Contact, Opportunity, etc.) you will then want to create a new custom field just like the Required or Optional fields that you removed and add this to form. NOTE: Depending on the number of entities you wish to log an appointment against you will need to add multiple custom fields. Unfortunately, Party List type fields are not a Type of field you can create.