TrellisPoint, Announces Microsoft Relationship Sales Partnership (MRS)

The TrellisPoint team is excited to announce that we are now a Microsoft Relationship Sales Partner. As a Microsoft Relationship Sales Partner we’re able to further assist businesses in being more strategic about their CRM by integrating Microsoft Dynamics Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator together for maximum sales performance.

Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator are helping companies capitalize on sales activity by:

  • Integrating LinkedIn information about leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities directly in Dynamics 365 apps.
  • Offering a unified view of relationship data that sellers can capitalize on to provide a more personalized experience to buyers.
  • Reducing redundancy in the sales process by improving workflow efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness.

Learn More

If you’re interested in learning how TrellisPoint can help you link Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, contact us today.


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