Need to troubleshoot the Dynamics 365 for Phones Mobile App?  Use the built in “Emulator.”

Recently I was on a support call with Microsoft troubleshooting an issue on the Dynamics 365 for Phones mobile app (Side Note: The ‘Associated Activities View’ is not available on the mobile app). We were doing a screen share and the support rep sent me a link over the chat so that we could see the mobile client in a native web browser.

I’d seen this once before, but decided to take note this time so that I could add this to my list of CRM tricks and share it with all of you.

Some would call this an emulator, which we’ve often used or seen for doing demos, but there are some differences. It’s not something that you have to install, and you don’t have to have your phone or tablet connected to your machine to use it. Also, it may not be the best choice for demos because it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as most emulators as it’s missing the cell phone skin and display features. But for troubleshooting it’s a great resource. Also, if you’ve ever received that nondescript “Something went wrong….” error, this tool will give you the option to click through and get further details on the error that you can’t see on the mobile app.

So, let’s take a look.

This first thing you must do is log into your CRM org using the web URL. This is important as the emulator does not handle the login and authentication. I will log in to our TrellisPoint CRM environment.

Once logged in, it’s just a matter of having the correct URL and plugging in your organization. Open a new tab in the same browser and paste your URL there.

Here is the URL that I used:

And the results:

As you can see, I’m now directed to my mobile home page right in my browser window.

So, for your organization, just swap out our org name with yours or replace the XXXs below with your org name.

It’s that easy. And, if you want to emulate the Dynamics 365 for Tablets app, it’s a simple switch. Swap out the word “phone” with “tablet” and you’re done!