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5 Power App Ideas from TrellisPoint

This month we’re focusing on Power Apps, including the two methods of building them known as Canvas apps and Model-Driven apps. Both methods are similar in that they can be built within Microsoft’s low-code platform. However, the complexity of your app combined with data requirements will drive you towards one specific method or another.

Canvas apps are best when designing simple, task-based applications where the UI must remain flexible. Canvas apps can also process data from both Microsoft and non-Microsoft sources.

Model-Driven apps (MDAs), however, are best when designing solutions that support complex business processes. MDA’s template-based design includes pre-built functionality required to accommodate common business features, settings, and data models. These apps also require data to be migrated and stored within Microsoft’s Dataverse. This is an important distinction between the methods.

Ideas for Model-Driven Apps

Model-Driven apps are the most common Power App we build for our clients. In our article titled, “What Are Canvas and Model-Driven Apps?”, we shared several use cases for Model-Driven apps. However, we also wanted to share real-life apps that we built for customers to give you an idea of how flexible Power Apps really are.


App Category


Reseller CRM Assists channel partners in identifying co-sell opportunities and priorities.
Project Managment Combines project and customer data within Dynamics 365 providing a lightweight PM tool in a single application.
Tradeshow Management Captures conference cost, attendance, leads, and event summary to evaluate future participation.
Lead Automation Automates lead and contact entry from industry-specific data sources into D365.
Commercial Credit Automation Tracks credit process including task automation, notifications, and analytics.

As you can see, Power Apps help businesses transform nearly every aspect of their operations. The platform not only delivers high-value solutions, but it also increases efficiency, reduces costs, improves decision making, and enhances employee and customer engagement.

Next Steps

Really, the possibilities are endless. If you’re thinking a Power App could help solve a problem your business is facing right now, we’d like to help you! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and to learn more about Microsoft’s low-code platform.