What is Ungrowth?

Ungrowth Definition 



[ uhn-grohth ] 

1. Ungrowth refers to the reversal of growth within a company’s operational effectiveness that had been previously achieved through strategic planning and improvements.


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Misalignment of People, Process, & Data

This misalignment can obstruct effective decision-making, slow down operations, and diminish a company's ability to react to market changes.

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Difficulty Maintaining Systems  

This is often the result of the many integrations, systems and specialized talent required to keep a company’s already shaky systems running at close to an optimal level. 

obsolescence-icon (1)

The company must lag behind everyone else since their systems and tech stack don’t play well with the latest tech and systems. This keeps a company from reaching their growth potential.

Symptoms of Ungrowth

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Innovation stalls

Ungrowth causes the ability to be agile & innovative to fade.

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Key Accounts Are Lost

Companies with rampant Ungrowth in their organization miss deadlines, communicate poorly & underdeliver. So key accounts leave.

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Talented People Leave

Talented people have little interest in toiling in anguish for very long.

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Revenue Drops

When key accounts leave & top talent leave there is harsh reality that follows, revenue drops.

TrellisPoint Exists to Free Companies from the Grip of Ungrowth 


We have been freeing companies from Ungrowth for decades. We see it as our mission to help as many organizations as we can release the grip that Ungrowth has on them to allow them to reach their full potential.

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