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TrellisPoint’s Proven Process: TPSF

TrellisPoint’s Proven Process: TPSF

At TrellisPoint we rely on what we refer to as “TPSF”, which stands for the TrellisPoint Success Framework. TPSF is our proven process, that was developed based upon years of experience ensuring successful CRM system deployments that achieve the specific business and technical goals of an organization.

TPSF has 5 phases:

  1. Discover
  2. Decide
  3. Design
  4. Deliver
  5. Quarterly Meetings


The Discover phase is a no obligation 2-hour workshop conducted by the TrellisPoint Client Success team. The workshop is designed to engage your core team members in a collaborative process intended to reveal business goals, high-level system requirements, and prioritization of those requirements. The Discover phase results in the production of a Strategic Technology Roadmap, a document that will effectively guide us through next steps, or what we like to call, the Decide phase.

TPSF Quote from Peter Katz


The Decide phase is a series of deep-dive meetings conducted with your team related to the prioritized high-level requirements uncovered during the Discover phase. During the Decide phase, the TrellisPoint team will dig further into your business and system requirements. This phase provides your team the opportunity to begin exploring a future CRM system vision while also allowing the TrellisPoint team to gather details that will help us to develop a more specific Project Roadmap, a document that will outline the project objectives, scope, budgets, and timelines for a successful CRM system implementation.

At the completion of the Decide Phase, you “decide” if it makes sense to move forward with system implementation. Should you decide not to move forward, any amount paid for the Decide Phase effort will be refunded. Read more about our money-back guarantee here. However, if the Project Roadmap looks good and you are ready to proceed with implementation, we will schedule the project kickoff meeting and get things rolling!

Design and Deliver

The Design and Deliver phases occur in tandem. TrellisPoint uses an agile approach to system implementation, splitting the project up into short sprints designed to reach specific project objectives. Each sprint includes design and delivery activities that involve collaboration between the TrellisPoint team and your in-house subject matter experts. At the completion of each sprint, our team releases functionality to your users to validate and interact with the system.


The final stage in our process is an ongoing series of Quarterly meetings. Our Client Success team will touch base with you regularly to help drive continuous improvement and system enhancements that further the ongoing success of your CRM system.


Manufacturing Industry

A great example of TPSF in action is a recent project where TrellisPoint worked with a company in the chemical manufacturing space. This client had launched Dynamics 365 Sales with a very “out-of-the-box” approach managed by another implementation partner. The system was not tailored well to the company’s business processes and was not meeting expectations. TrellisPoint was asked to get involved. Using TPSF we worked together with the client to enhance and extend the system to better meet the company’s business and technical needs. Most importantly, we assisted our client so they could better achieve their over-arching strategic goals.

TPSF Results

  • Custom features
  • Unified business processes w/ technology
  • Improved usability
  • Easier adoption
  • Strategic goals addressed




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