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Using Power Apps in Construction

Using Power Apps in Construction

Does managing your construction company make you feel like you are running around spinning plates? You have to keep moving and spinning or everything comes crashing down!

How often are you wasting time doing something based on a lack of information? What if you had a system where everyone had access to the important information? 

Microsoft Power Apps gives you the ability to connect your data to everyone and gives your team the freedom to fix problems. This can all be done using Microsoft programs that integrate all your data.

Keep reading to learn more about Power Apps and how they give every company the ability to achieve maximum business results.


The Microsoft World Expanded

Most companies have lots of data already set up using their Microsoft programs. The Microsoft Power Platform gives you the ability to take that data and use it instead of searching for it or forgetting about it.


Total Integration

Through Microsoft Dynamics and Power Apps along with all their other software applications, Microsoft gives you the capability for complete integration. This means all your data is accessed and used in real-time all the time.

You no longer have information on spreadsheets that people forget about. The information can automatically populate important forms for everyone. As data changes, it is updated across all your relevant apps and programs.


Project Management

Your construction projects are all at different stages of development and progress. You need a way to keep up with all of them so you don’t miss important deadlines.

This means everyone needs to have complete access to your plans, milestones, and tasks in one place. Everyone can easily update the information so they know what is happening in real-time and make adjustments. 

Project progress is updated and you have the ability to communicate it with your clients automatically. This helps them review the outcomes and feel that you are connecting with them.  


Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps for Office 365 offer unparalleled capabilities to every business no matter the industry. You will gain the ability to create custom apps that fit your specific needs.


Codeless Customization

Microsoft offers your company the ability to build your own apps without having to learn code! When you or one of your team members has an idea of how to improve things, they can build their own app for it.

Those apps are shareable and everyone can start using them. They use the same data and help to break down the silos that often grow in companies. You also empower your team to solve problems themselves.


Easy Access

Your power apps can take your information from your Dynamics 365 programs and put it in a form for everyone to see. The apps you create will work on desktops for your office staff.

They will also work on mobile and tablet devices for your team members out in the field. Information will be accessible by everyone in whatever form is best for them.

The apps aren’t complicated and are faster than writing a paper report. This speeds up your approval process and your workflow dynamics. 


Data for Decisions

Your team will be able to have all the data they need to make the right decisions with Microsoft Power BI. These apps take all of your data, analyze it, and then provide powerful information based on it to your team.

All team members will see the same information and be able to communicate with each other about it. Having the right data in the right form is key to making the right decision. 

Advanced Construction Technology

Power Apps help you use your d365 information throughout your business, plus it helps you build consistency. Your teams will get used to using the same information in the way that works best for their areas.

CRM for Construction

Connecting to new clients and building relationships with current and past clients is what a CRM does best. The Microsoft Power Apps give you powerful integrated CRM capabilities.

You can integrate project management so your team members and clients know what is happening for their specific project. You can generate automatic reports that let clients know the latest updates on their projects.

This can help your team members who connect with clients to answer their questions and keep them informed. The CRM capabilities are so powerful they are used in many various industries. 

They have been used as CRM for manufacturing as well as retail stores. Microsoft offers customization abilities at every level to fit your specific field and need.


The world of Power Apps was developed with security as a foundation. The information that gets shared among your team members is secure whether it’s on a tablet or desktop.

With the safety and security of the Microsoft cloud, you can rest assured that all your data isn’t shared outside your organization.

Power Apps Empower Your Construction Team

The safe and secure world of Microsoft Power Apps opens up new possibilities in productivity and communication for your business. You and your team don’t have to be computer experts to build your own personalized apps.

TrellisPoint is your Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner who helps businesses of all types understand and use the power of Microsoft Power Apps.

We help companies build from scratch or integrate information from other software applications into Power Apps.
Contact us for a free consultation on how you can reach maximum business results using Microsoft Power Apps.

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