What is the Customer Support Portal?

The TrellisPoint Customer Support Portal enables TrellisPoint clients to enter, view, and communicate about support tickets at any time.

An important update was pushed live on June 29, 2022 to update our authentication method to provide greater security and protection of client data. 

Here’s how the change impacts our clients.

Clients without a Support Portal Login

If you are a TrellisPoint client and you currently do not have a login to our Support Portal, you may create one using the following steps.

  1. Click here to access the TrellisPoint Support Portal.
  2. On the Login screen, click the link to “Sign up now” and follow the prompts.

Clients with a Support Portal Login

For existing users of our Support Portal, you will be required to change your password prior to your next login. We’ve prepared a brief tutorial to walk you through the steps to make this change.

Should you have any questions about requesting access or updating your password, please contact your TrellisPoint account manager or feel free to contact our team via the website.