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Do you know these facts about Dynamics 365?

One of our last blogs detailed the top sales features coming in Wave 2 (2022). As such, we figured it would be a good time to cover a broader topic and a few facts about the Dynamics 365 platform. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, it has been our experience that D365 not only offers businesses cutting edge software to improve sales, strengthen customer connections, and optimize operations, it also provides a significant advantage over other systems when it comes to UI, analytics, integrations, and security.

In our 20 plus years implementing CRM solutions for clients, we firmly believe that Microsoft is the natural choice for CRM for businesses already using Microsoft 365. Here are 6 facts about that you should know before beginning your search for a new CRM. You might also find them helpful if you’re currently using Dynamics 365 for your CRM but are looking to to add features and functionality to your initial deployment with a Microsoft-certified partner, like TrellisPoint.

#1: Fully Responsive Interface

Microsoft’s Unified Interface (UI) uses responsive web design for optimal viewing and interaction, regardless of type of device, orientation, or screen size making it a nearly perfect experience for users on desktop, mobile, or integrated apps like Outlook, Teams, or SharePoint.

#2 | Release Waves

Every year Microsoft schedules two major releases for Dynamics 365 and other customer engagment applications continually adding features and capabilities that keep up with today’s modern businesses processes.

View Microsoft’s 2022 Release Plans on

#3 | LinkedIn Interface

Dynamics 365 integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to maximize lead generation and prospecting for your sales teams. For more information about this topic, we’ve linked a few related blog posts.

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Image Source: Microsoft

#4 | Business Intelligence & Analytics Leader

Microsoft continues to expand reporting and analytics capabilities using their industry leading Power BI product – which, you guessed it, connects directly into the Dynamics 365 solution. In fact Gartner ranked Microsoft as the clear leader in this space in their 2022 analyst report.

Power BI Report Sample

Image Source: Microsoft

#5 | Microsoft Teams Integration

While the integration between D365 and Teams gives users the ability to share and collaborate on files and data, Microsoft’s Wave 2 release will bring additional features that further streamline daily operations using both apps including:

  • The ability to Teams Chat or Call directly from the Dynamics 365 interface.
  • The ability to view, edit and collaborate on D365 records directly within the Teams app.

#6 | Top-Notch Security

Microsoft invests more than $1 billion each year on cybersecurity research and development. It advertises its multi-layered security as a way for businesses to utilize the power of remote physical datacenters without compromising confidential data.

Both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform are hosted within Microsoft Azure data centers. These online services are designed to provide high-level performance, scalability, security, management capabilities, and service levels required for mission-critical applications and systems used by business organizations.

Dynamics 365 Implementation Guide

There you have it, six facts about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform that you may, or may not, have known. We shared these facts because many businesses simply get stuck with their initial CRM installation and never get to experience some of the great capabilities the full platform offers like the Unified Interface, Power BI, LinkedIn, Teams, etc. If your business is looking to improve it’s CRM strategy we might just be the partner who can help you with that!

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