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Maritz Global Events Dynamics 365 Case Study

Maritz Global Events Dynamics 365 Case Study

The Challenge

After restructuring the company’s business management process, Maritz Travel leadership realized they had different CRM requirements than when they had first implemented a CRM solution for their organization. Their existing CRM system had limited functionality to meet their evolving needs, particularly in sales forecasting functionality. It also lacked integration abilities with other critical business tools. Ultimately, this was causing inefficiencies for their sales staff that was affecting productivity and profitability.

Faced with two options – upgrading their outdated solution to avoid the need to migrate their large database, or migrating their large amount of data to a new system with improved functionality – management turned to established CRM partner TrellisPoint to evaluate the company’s needs and recommend a best-fit solution.

The Solution

Engaging with Maritz Travel’s business and IT leadership teams throughout a number of discovery sessions, TrellisPoint ultimately determined the cost of investing in ongoing updates to their existing CRM system was prohibitive. Instead, they recommended Maritz Travel migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to take advantage of seamless integrations, robust sales functionality, and reliable support.

Despite the vast amount of data that would need to be moved, the TrellisPoint team knew they could quickly and easily migrate Maritz Travel’s data from the old system to the new – and for the same cost as a onetime upgrade of their existing solution. This was accomplished through TrellisPoint’s proprietary Infor CRM Migration tool, which cut manual migration down by 75 percent and enabled TrellisPoint to complete the project within Maritz’s tight deadline needs.

The final solution design, once configured and implemented, ensured Maritz Travel benefited from: