What our customers are saying

TrellisPoint established a level of trust from the outset of our relationship.  Prior to engaging their services, representatives from TrellisPoint met with key stakeholders at LMI in order to fully understand our system and unique needs.  They offered insightful advice and made recommendations for next steps to accomplish what we needed in a cost-effective manner, allowing for a partnership that was beneficial to both LMI and TrellisPoint.

Upon engagement, TrellisPoint guided LMI through a discovery process, building upon their understanding of our operations and unique system needs.  From the discovery phase through system implementation, they operated with complete professionalism; the project was well-managed, with all deliverables completed successfully, on time and within budget.  They remained actively engaged with LMI throughout the process so there were no surprises.

TrellisPoint is a well-organized and well-managed business.  Their customer-centric approach creates a true partnership, rather than a simple “one-time vendor” relationship.  They are fair, actively listen to client needs and demonstrate a true commitment to the success of their clients – thereby making TrellisPoint successful.

Sonya Virant, President and COO, Litigation Management Inc.

I’d absolutely recommend TrellisPoint based on the experience we had: From the engagement portion of the project, helping us and advising us on what it would take to accomplish it; their fast response times, while still taking the time to really listen and understand our needs and recommend the right licenses; to making adjustments as needed during implementation within the budgeted amount of time we needed to complete the project in, and building a CRM in less than three months. They made sure everything happened correctly, and on time.

The TrellisPoint team’s manner, responsiveness, and knowledge throughout the process was outstanding. 

Alfredo Legorreta, VP of Business Transformation, Maritz Travel Co.

Welty has used TrellisPoint for many years to manage our CRM through many changes. I’ve been involved with them for almost two years as we’ve gone through a complete transformation of our sales process and needed our CRM to match the current process. This required detailed design work on my end, in coordination with Chris Finnecy at TrellisPoint.

We were able to create a custom platform to coincide with our new process without disrupting our salesforce – which remains a very big deal for us with sales across the country. TrellisPoint created custom dashboards for us, and continues to tweak and provide guidance according to the ever changing and complex needs of our sales and executive teams.

The new solution has opened up a few doors already. It’s given us a better picture of the overall company, and it’s given each of our sales groups the ability to see into the other groups and cross over some of their expertise and connections. We have offices in Houston, Akron, Cleveland and Columbus, OH – and we’re already starting to see some of those connections shared.

Chris and his team have been very responsive and helpful, coaching me and our teams through the changes. … Chris, or someone on his team, is always very quick with a response and/or solution to any issue that may arise. I’ve even received messages from Chris after hours when the need is urgent. Customer service is top notch.

Tammi Nagucki, Marketing Communications Manager, Welty Building Co.

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