The Top 3 D365 Features Every Salesperson Should Know

3 Dynamics 365 Features Every Salesperson Should Know

Once the sales team is using Dynamics 365, trying to learn all the features can be overwhelming. Taking time to learn a few key features can result in significant productivity increases. Here are three time-saving Dynamics 365 features every salesperson should know.

1. Set Follow Up Right In Outlook

The response to your proposal hits your Inbox. It’s a request for you to follow up in two weeks. You are about to go to a meeting and don’t have time to log in to create a follow-up task. The good news is, you don’t need to. With the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, follow-up can be done without leaving Outlook. Select Dynamics 365 and add your next activity.

Details of the activity are auto-filled. You select the date that you want Dynamics 365 to remind you of the task.

2. Email Templates

Chances are that you have an arsenal of emails used on a regular basis to answer sales inquiries, thank webinar attendees, or follow-up on tradeshow booth visits. Setting these basic emails up as templates can significantly reduce your administrative time. Once the templates are set up you can go to the contact, create an email, and select the template. Dynamics 365 populates the subject line and personalizes the email with information from the contact.

3. Filtering Views

On occasion, you may be looking for contacts that meet specific criteria without creating a new view. Utilizing the filter feature in a view will help you select criteria and narrow down results. Select the filter icon and then click on the down arrow to the right of the column that you want to filter.

Choose your selection or create a custom filter and then view your data.

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