3 Mobile App Updates for D365 Sales Coming Soon

New Mobile App Features Available in Release Wave 1

Within the first release of 2022, you’ll see that Microsoft’s focus is on simplifying and streamlining data for those in sales positions. Too much data causes overwhelm and distracts from efficiency and relationship building. Data simply needs to work seamlessly, at every point in the sales cycle, across the entire D365 CRM platform.

In this blog, we will be highlighting three updates that impact the use of the Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app so you know what’s ahead and can reach out our team to learn more before they are release in September 2022.

The following features will be available in August 2022 for preview and September 2022 for general availability.

1.  Mobile contact and recent call capturing

Your sales team will now be able to create contacts in Dynamics 365 Sales directly from their mobile phone contact list and recent calls menu.

2.  Mobile camera import with text conversion

You’ll now be able to scan business cards and handwritten notes and associate them with the record or activity. The feature converts the image into digitized text within D365 Sales.

3.  Improved Outlook Integration with D365 Sales Mobile App

You will now have access to email templates and relevant information will autofill from D365 Sales when composing an email within the app.


For additional information about these features and other updates in the coming release, contact us today to learn more.

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