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Connect with Us

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Phone: 888.719.0248
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3 min read

Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs Salesforce: Is It Time to Switch?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs Salesforce: Is It Time to Switch?

Are you a business owner looking to initiate a client relationship management (CRM) change? Then you might be considering moving away from your existing CRM software.

Companies are constantly searching for new tools to enhance their productivity and efficiency. Solutions for client management are a great option.

Choosing the right software can make a significant difference in the success of your company. With the leading software being Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Salesforce, a comparison should be made.
How are these CRM systems different, and which one benefits your business most? Keep reading to find out.

The Key Differences Between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce

It’s crucial to dive in to both systems to see what the key differences are. We will also review some features that are shared between the two.

Marketing and Customer Service

Salesforce upgrades marketing and customer service with automation tools. It provides analytics specific to customers and their behavior across channels. 

It provides analytics and insights to give users information on how to best market to them. This works to increase engagement and create personalized relationships. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 creates better customer service with ease. It allows users to integrate with systems already being used and allows for continuous service while extending capabilities. 

This CRM system allows you to use AI capabilities to follow customer actions. It provides an opportunity for more personalized experiences. Users have access to all customer data in one place and can create top-down views of trends in customer behavior. 

With real-time analytics and flexibility to create data filled reports, 365 has a great system for CRM. The system also provides details on customer trends to further segment marketing methods.


Salesforce allows a business to connect marketing and customer experience with sales. It also has solutions available to customize integrations with your company needs. 

When all sales needs and customer history is in one application, it works to increase business productivity and sales. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides better use of marketing methods to increase sales. It provides data that makes it simple to know which channels are preferable for different groups. 

The aspect of collaboration available with the platform is an added bonus. It gives users an overview of client sales history and suggests action items.


Salesforce has flexible pricing that starts at $25 per user per month and can go up to $300 per user per month. The higher in price, the more features are included. 

They have a comprehensive list of what is included across each level of subscription to Salesforce. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 costs are a bit more complex than Salesforce. There are various components that are separated by topics like sales, marketing, and customer data. There are additional costs per user for HR and Finance options. 

The initial customer data platform cost is $95 per user per month. The addition of sales or marketing integrations start at an extra $50 per month per user. 

Salesforce works more as a scaled model whereas Dynamics 365 pricing is based on users and additional components.

Training & Support

Salesforce provides 24/7 support, but only when you purchase the Unlimited package at the highest price point. It does however provide an online community for users to post questions and support each other. 

Additionally, there is a Salesforce help center with tutorials and documentation. Their customer support portal has an option to use your login credentials to submit new cases and review old ones. 

Microsoft Learning is a great platform for training needs created by Microsoft employees. It includes video tutorials across a broad range of topics. The option for a free trial lets users play around with the platform beforehand.

A subscription gives you full support from customer service. The next level in support gives you direct professional support at a fee. Any further required support can be discussed.

Software Location

Salesforce operates mainly on a cloud-based service. This means there is no option for on-premise software. The software would be held on the vendor’s server.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 operates using Microsoft Azure cloud services and on-premise options. In this case, a business can choose whether to host the software on their own servers or at the vendor’s location.

The Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Over Salesforce

Microsoft Dynamics encompasses all Microsoft products. It provides complete flexibility to integrate with apps like Power BI, Outlook, and more. 

If your business already uses other Microsoft products, it would be an easier transition to use Dynamics. The software can stay on site in terms of using your own server. 

Additionally, the AI integration provides real-time analytics and automated workflows. This feature gives better recommendations and insights into customer next steps. This allows for better retention and increases revenue.

Gold Partner Certification

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 May Be the Right Choice for Your Business

The choice really comes down to what you need for your business. However, there is more flexibility with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in terms of streamlining all your business processes. 

The platform acts as an all-in-one solution. With the flexibility to choose how much you want included, users of any position and businesses of any size can benefit. 

Choose to adjust Microsoft Dynamics 365 features available to you as you grow with the platform. As a large player in the CRM industry, it has proven to increase business success.

Start With Dynamics 365 Today

Whether you’re a manufacturing business or you’re looking for CRM for construction, the customizable system can work for you.

Tech and IT companies partner with Microsoft to support businesses in setting up the platform. TrellisPoint is an example of one of these support systems. They work together with companies to assess needs of the company and make suggestions for what they need from Microsoft Dynamics. 

Reach out to TrellisPoint to answer further questions and assist you in setting up the platform.

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