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Why You Should Use Microsoft Power BI In Your Business

Why You Should Use Microsoft Power BI In Your Business

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful data visualization tool offered by Microsoft within their Power Platform. Similar to other tools such as Tableau and Qlik, Power BI allows analysts, power users, and developers connect to multiple data sources producing visualizations that help decision-makers understand their business.

Since 2011, Microsoft has consistently added functionality making it what it is today – powerful, easy-to-use, and the industry-leader as referenced in Gartner’s latest report. In this blog, we’ll take you through 5 reasons why you should use Microsoft Power BI in your business compared to alternatives such as SQL Server Reports, built-in Dynamics 365 dashboards, and Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Power BI

1. Microsoft Power BI is a Power User vs. Developer Solution

Among the analytics platforms that have been launched over the past 10 years, Power BI has the easiest point of entry for IT professionals and advanced application users. Few tools make it as easy to get started as Power BI does. Traditional “power users” familiar with Microsoft’s low-code development suite can get started with minimal training. If you’re not a Power User, Microsoft hosts “Dashboard In a Day” workshops designed to help all users build impactful reports.

2. The Platform is Cost Competitive

The Power BI Desktop tool is free. The Desktop tool allows anyone to build visualizations and share them with other users via a file share server. When you’re ready to launch Power BI company-wide, you can upgrade to cloud-based Power BI Pro for $10 per user per month licensing. This price point is a significant advantage over competing technologies.

3. Connectivity Outside of Microsoft

Beyond connectivity to Microsoft’s Dataverse and SQL Server, Power BI currently offers over 170 connectors that assist users in merging data from other systems into a single report. The connectors include Microsoft Cloud and on-premise products in addition to competitor sources, such as SalesForce, IBM, Oracle, and SAP.

4. Consistent Product Improvements

The early releases of Power BI lacked features and functionality that would allow it to be a widely accepted business solution. However, over the past few years Microsoft has focused on making Power BI an industry-leading tool. The product is updated monthly with larger features included in Microsoft’s Release Waves for the Power Platform.

5. Seamless Operation with Dynamics 365

Integrating Power BI Online dashboards into D365 CRM is quick and easy. In three mouse-clicks, you can create a Dynamics Dashboard fed by Microsoft Power BI. When source data changes within Power BI, so does the Dynamics 365 Dashboard in real-time. Additionally, Power BI offers mobile-friendly reports with the base solution. Therefore, adapting an existing report to a mobile UI is a matter of mouse-clicks, not a complete rebuild.

Microsoft Power BI Benefits Your Business

Power BI offers your business a wide range of benefits especially if you’re already using Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. Not only does it have industry-leading features and a user-friendly interface, the platform is offered at a competitive price making it easy for any user or business to get started. If you’re looking for an enhanced reporting solution that interfaces with your CRM system, we can help! Contact us today so we can arrange a time to discuss your project!

About TrellisPoint

TrellisPoint is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting firm with locations in Cleveland and Cincinnati. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, TrellisPoint is dedicated to helping customers drive digital transformation by implementing and integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Power Platform and related customer experience applications. Additional services include on-premises to cloud migration, software development, and managed services including Dynamics 365 Support.

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