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New Microsoft Teams Reports

New Microsoft Teams Reports

Twelve new administrative reports were released for Microsoft Teams in September 2022. The new reports give system administrators the ability to see how the Microsoft Teams app is utilized across the organization. These insights can be helpful in identifying additional training and communication opportunities.

The newly released reports are available to the following administrator roles:

  • Global admin in Microsoft 365 or Office 365
  • Global reader in Microsoft 365 or Office 365
  • Teams service admin
  • Skype for Business admin

The reports can be found within the Teams Administrative Center in Analytics & Reports. Once there, select View Reports. Additional reports are planned to be added along with new data points over time. With respect to data points, all user data within Microsoft Teams reports are anonymized by default as a part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to privacy laws. This setting can be changed by the system admin, if required.

Reports You Can Use

The full listing of the new Microsoft Teams reports can be found within Microsoft’s Learning Center. However, there are three reports that we’re highlighting in this blog because they are particularly useful based on our experiences with the Microsoft Teams application.

Teams Usage Report

The Teams usage report provides an overview of activity within the Teams app, including active users and active channels. These two data points will give administrators an idea of how many users are using Teams for communication and collaboration. The report gauges collaboration with external users and external shared channels as well.

Microsoft Teams Reports - Usage Report

Image Source: Microsoft 

User Activity Report
The Microsoft Teams report for user activity provides additional insights into how your organization is using Teams. For example, how many users are communicating via Teams by scheduling meetings, or real-time by scheduling 1:1 or group calls. In addition, you’ll be able to quantify the number of meetings users are attending and scheduling along with screen share time and chat usage.

Device Usage Report
The Microsoft Teams report for device usage shows user preferences when connecting within Teams. The report segments device data across the following Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Phone, and Web, giving you an idea of on-site and on-the-go connectivity.

How to Get Started?

If you’re an organization interested in how Microsoft business applications can help you, contact us today. Our team of Microsoft experts will dive into your needs and make recommendations about which Microsoft products will increase your business speed, connectivity, and collaboration.

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