Mike Spence

A group business men and women standing and looking forward. Some of the people have their arms crossed.

Elastic Teams: Adaptable Solutions for Growing Companies

As more businesses seek out flexible and budget-friendly workforce strategies, elastic teams are gaining ground because they can stretch and fit any project size. In this article,

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Image showing the evolution of man in the background with a yellow overlap and the TrellisPoint Logo.

Digital Shifts: Transformation vs. Evolution Explained

Digital transformation is a term conceived in the late 1990s that gained prominence in the 2010s as businesses began incorporating digital technology...

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What is Ungrowth? | Definition & Why it Sucks

TrellisPoint coined the word Ungrowth because there didn’t seem to be a word that adequately described the pain and discomfort the companies we work...

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Digital Transformation Trends of 2024 - Business Improvement Components Graphic

6 Digital Transformation Trends of 2024

Let's explore the latest digital transformation trends of 2024! Keeping up with digital transformation trends is critical for businesses that want to...

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An office worker at the laptop - improving productivity, reliability, and repeatability in technology and Business Process Management.

Secrets to Better Business Process Management

Keeping business processes relevant and up to date can feel like a futile battle.

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Enterprise Digital Transformation For Growth - Blog Graphic

Enterprise Digital Transformation | Improve Organizational Agility

In today's fast-paced business marketplace where technology advances quickly and customer demands grow, organizations confront an urgent need to...

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What is Digital Transformation? | A Comprehensive Guide for High-Growth Corporations 2024

In today's corporate environment, digital transformation is critical for enterprises to stay competitive. It entails integrating digital technology...

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Robot working at computer on Microsoft Dynamics Copilot among people in an office

Organizational AI Readiness: 6 Steps to Success

Remember the Palm Pilot? Or Google Glass? These once-hyped technologies promised to revolutionize everyday life, only to join bag phones and floppy...

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Microsoft Dynamics: Copilot Your Way to Business Success

You’re at an industry event. An acquaintance just told you about a technology integration that has made his job easier and allowed him to excel in...

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